OCCI Monitoring

OCCI-Compliant, Fully Causal-Connected Architecture Runtime Models Supporting Sensor Management

by Johannes Erbel, Thomas Brand, Holger Giese, and Jens Grabowski


The Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI) specification describes a service provider independent application programming interface for the management of heterogeneous cloud resources. Several implementations and tools for this interface have already been provided that allow defining, triggering and executing changes to dynamic cloud systems. With the OCCI monitoring extension that is presented in this paper it is possible to additionally manage the deployment and configuration of monitoring sensors in the cloud. It enables the representation of the sensors as well as their monitoring results in an OCCI-compliant runtime model. Therefore, the provided OCCI metamodel extension is the first OCCI-compliant architecture runtime model approach realizing a full causal connection covering not only execution but also monitoring aspects. Through the extension the OCCI runtime model becomes a knowledge base that in combination with other existing artifacts from the OCCI ecosystem allows integrating complete control loops for self-adaptation into cloud systems with less development effort at the abstraction level of the runtime model.